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Kapfenberg Displaced Persons Camp, Camp 2 Fritz & Alois Winter April 1949
Kapfenberg Camp 2, Clare McMurray with Mrs & Mr Winter March 1949
Kapfenberg camp 2 1949
Kapfenberg camp 1949
Kaphenberg camp 1949
Kapfenberg camp 1949
Kapfenberg camp, Clare McMurray and Herr Winter 1949
Kapfenberg camp, fixing the roof 1949
Kaphenberg camp 'the bosses of camp 2' 1949
Kapfengerg camp. The new sandpit 1949
Kapfenberg, ClareMcMurray and Herr Winter, 1948
Kapfenberg, putting on the snow chains on the Prabichl February 1949
Kapfenberg Camp 7 Childrens playground and dining barracks 1949
Kapfenberg camp, Pam unloading supplies from the train 1949
Kapfenberg Westward Ho camp, Major Dewar & Clare McMurray 1949
Kapfenberg camp, children returning home from the meadow 1949
Carved wooden horse (Assumed from reports this was made in the carpenters shop for Christmas) 1948
Cribb and dolls( assume from reports that this was made in carpenters shop for Christmas 1948
Painting of Die Griessmauer from camp 5. Artist H. Markowitech 1948

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