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Many of the refugees were talented artists. Exhibitions and sale of the art and handcraft were organised in the British and American Hotels in Trieste, where the refugees received much interest and admiration for their work as well as a small amount of money.

Examples of the art and handcraft are presented below. (please also see sketches and drawings presented under the 'Photos and drawings' section).

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Wooden sketched plate (Artist unknown)
Carved wooden figures ( Artist unknown)
San Sabba Artist Olga Benson
Wooden carved photo album cover, Trieste (artist unknown) 1951
Wooden carved photo album, Trieste (back cover) 1951
Opincina DP Camp, Artist, Konstantin Elliott 1950
Wood sketched plate of Trieste (Artist unkown)
Wooden play dinning setting ( Artist unknown)
San Sabba DP Camp, Painting by Konstantin Elliott
Xmas card Artist P.L.
Painting Trieste Artist Nina Zbandactou 1951
San Sabba kindergarten farewell card cover 1951
Ink sketched handkerchief thank you, Artist Stephan Nedelchef 1951
San Sabba Kindergarten card 1952
Wood carved plate (artist unknown)
San Sabba Camp theatre thank you card (cover) 1951
San Sabba? Painting by Konstantin Elliot
San Sabba Children thank you card cover 1951
Wood carved photo album (front cover) Artist Konstantin Elliott 1951
Wood carver photo album (back cover), Artist Konstantin Elliott, 1951
Exhibition of refugees handcraft, Trieste 1950-51
Wood carved tray and sketched glasses (Artist unknown)
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