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Opincina  tents, Artist B.Krutiev 1950

San Sabba Dining room Artist, B.Krutiev 1950

San Sabba, queing for meals, Artist B. Krutiev 1950

San Sabba, the new barracks, Artist B. Krutiev 1950

Opinina camp wash house Artist B. Krutiev 1950

Old Rice factory San Sabba Artist B. Krutiev 1950

San Sabba DIning room, Artist B. Krutiev 1950

Sketch postcard  San Sabba Artist B. Krutiev 1950

Sketch postcard San Sabba Artist B.Krutiev 1950

Opincina kitchen, Artist B. Krutiev 1950

Gesuiti camp entrance, Artist B. Krutiev 1951

Sketch of children & Clare McMurray Artist V. Bedagen 1950-51

Camp life, Artist Gerhishov 1950

Sketch  postcard Via Del Trionfo, Artist B.Krutiev 1951

Postcard by Artist, Konstantin Elliott 1950-51

Trieste, Clare McMurray(centre) and some staff 1951

Trieste, Clare McMurray and Olga Benson 1951

Trieste Clare McMurray and group 1951

Clare McMurray and staff 1951

Clare McMurray with children, Trieste 1951

San Sabba, unloading the clothing bales from WCC America, 1950-51

San Sabba, sorting through shoes from America 1950-51

San Sabba, clothing bales from WCC in America 1950-51

San Sabba, Hungarian boy (16 yrs) just across the border receives a pair of pants 1950-51

San Sabba shoe distribution, Clare McMurray with Slava 1950-51

San Sabba shoe distribution, Slava's brother helping 1950-51

San Sabba clothing, German school girl receives a skirt 1950-51

San Sabba clothing store, Clare McMurray & parcels from British YW groups 1950-51

San Sabba clothing distribution Clare McMurray 1950-51

San Sabba clothing store 1950-51

San Sabba clothing distribution 1950-51

San Sabba clothing distribution, checked by Mr Chartereski 1950-51

San Sabba, Clare McMurray with Mr Peckovsky, Clothing Manager 1950-51

San Sabba, Orthodox Priest Father Sevcenko discussing raising funds to build a church 1950-51

San Sabba Orthodox Priest, Father Sevcenko with some young refugees 1950-51

San Sabba, Sacha & Ikons, a Russian cubicle 1950-51

San Sabba Orthodox church, Father Gran, Herr Bicenko and lady painting the Ikons 1951

San Sabba, building progress of the Orthodox church 1951

San Sabba, building the Orthodox Church and barrack 1951

San Sabba church Father Gran (R) and Father Haplanov 1951

San Sabba church Easter 1951

San Sabba, Father Haplanov,Olga, Clare McMurray 1950

Trieste photo album inscription 1951

San Sabba barracks, cooking in the corridor 1950-51

San Sabba main camp 3 stories, 500 people on each floor 1950-51

San Sabba main camp, playing cards 1951-52

San Sabba, table tennis 1950-51

San Sabba volleyball, 1950-51

San Sabba camp barracks cubicles 1950-51

San Sabba barracks, Coka and brother at the door of their home 1950-51

San Sabba Annex Camp, police hut 1950

San Sabba Annex camp kitchen 1950-51

San Sabba Annex 30 new barracks 1950

Opincina, beginning of the school, 2 outdoor classes Sept. 1951

Opincina camp, view from office window 1950-51

Opincina camp, inside nissan huts, home for 20 families 1950-51

Opincina camp tents, 1950-51

Opincina camp, new barracks, blankets around beds for privacy 1950-51

Gesuiti Displaced Persons Camp 1950-51

Gesuiti camp, sport in the courtyard 1950-51

Gesuiti camp living in the corridor 1950-51

Gesuiti camp, soup and beans for dinner 1950-51

Gesuiti camp, living in the cells 1950-51

Gesuiti camp, queuing for dinner, 800 men to be served 1950-51

Gesuiti camp, attics 1950-1951

Gesuiti camp, market in the corridor 1950-51

Gesuiti camp, attic, Russian refugee prepares bread and onions meal 1950-51

Gesuiti camp entrance 1950-51

Gesuiti camp attic, under the roof 1950-51

Gesuiti barracks, Trieste, Photo-World Communique 1951

Trieste, Dara & Constantin Ivanovich-Sabo October 1951

Clare McMurray, Trieste 1951

Trieste concert, Sailor Dance 1950

San Sabba, Peckovsky family 29 January 1952

Trieste, Clare McMurray overseeing Community Chest donation 1951

Trieste,Community Chest donation 1951

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